Photographic services

Image Retouching

We will edit and retouch your images to your specific requirements and guidelines.

  • Black and white conversions
  • Colour corrections and white balance refinements
  • Exposure, tone and contrast adjustments
  • Spot, scratch, stain and dust removal
  • Custom tailored jobs for photo specific requests
  • Background removal and replacements
  • Photo montage creation
  • Image manipulation and high end retouching
  • High quality photographic and giclee printing

Not happy with your current image? Send it to us to be corrected and transformed into the image you always wanted.

Photo Restoration

Repair damaged, ripped, faded and deteriorated photos… we will repair and restore the image back to its original condition, or as close as humanly possible. We stay in touch with you through the process and keep you up to date on progress we make.

  • Discolouration and image fading corrections
  • Colour corrections and sepia tinting
  • Rip, tear and water damage
  • Dust and scratch removal
  • Masking and sticky tape mark removals
  • Reproductions from originals

Send in a digital scan of your original image, or we can organise one for you. Special request? Let us know what you need and we will work out the reproduction for you.

Image Treatments

Turn your photos into works of art, create painterly appeal and add mood and nostalgia to your images

  • Image toning and filtering
  • Texture application and blending
  • Image aging and distressing, add an aged visual appeal to your images
  • Personalised treatments and processes available
  • Painterly and stylised effects created over your images
  • Custom orders and image specific requests
  • High quality photographic printing

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