About Andrew

My work can take two avenues of theme: a darker, sometimes scary world of unseen nightmares, and a nostalgic playground of warm memories, much safer and happier than the former.

I have always looked further than traditional methods of photography. Digital manipulation has allowed me to communicate and share my view of the world. I have a need to lace my work with elements of obscure visions and deliver a piece the viewer can connect with on multiple levels.

Andrew Paranavitana is an independent qualified photographer, retoucher and artist. Residing in Melbourne, Australia, his driving passion for photography began in 1994 and lead him to the completion of a Diploma in Photo Imaging at RMIT, Melbourne. In this time Andrew developed his photographic and retouching skill sets, honing in on his creative side to combine technical and compositing crafts with artistic expression and an enhanced ability to communicate his ideas and concepts.  

Today, his constantly evolving vision is to capture the world as we know it, and present it in a way that we may not. This vision has lead to the creation of several folios of artworks that have been exhibited and sold both locally and internationally. Andrew enjoys expressing a sense of nostalgia and tells short stories through his images. Creating work that the viewer can relate to and feel a sense of familiarity with is what is most important to him. 

Andrew currently works in partnership at one of Melbourne’s most commended photographic printing labs, continues to create new photographic artworks, runs his own architectural and product photography business and is working toward his long term dream of forging a collective of creative minds to work together. A dream that is slowly turning into a reality as time moves on.

Watch this space.

See Andrew’s folios of photographic artworks CLICK HERE